A portion of the book sales goes to animal shelters and rescues.

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The Adventures of Maggie and Mikey takes you through the journey of a pair of homeless animals who are adopted and embark on their new life.

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Local Authors Night at Barnes and Noble
Sept 24th, 7 to 9 PM in Easton, PA


Will and Bethenny Frankel

Two children’s book writers at Quadrant Book Mart, Coffee House for book signings.

Will gifted Bethenny Frankel a copy of his children’s book for her daughter Bryn




National Read A Book Day!

This is an all day event, read at your own pace.

Electronic or Hard Cover, What is your choice?


Local Authors Night

Thursday May 28th, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Phillipsburg Middle School Phillipsburg Nj
Meet the author get a signed copy and help raise money for scholarships


Quadrant Book Mart Book Signing

Book Signing @ The Quadrant Book Mart
20 north 3rd street, Easton PA
I/2 block from Centre Square
Saturday, November 1st, 10 AM till noon
Book reading and coloring for the kids!


Sistas Boutique Book Signing


Book signing today at
Sistas Boutique in Phillipsburg NJ


Local Author and Illustrator Duo

Barnes & Noble Book Signing by Local Author & Illustrator Duo

See Article Here: http://www.nj.com/warrenreporter


Artist, Megan, Created The Illustrations

“Ericson, 17, created the illustrations for “The Adventures of Maggie and Mikey.” The tale by Pohatcong Township resident William Suchowacki, 23, chronicles the adventures of two homeless cats that get adopted into a forever home.

“It was just insane and out-of-this-world and just a dream,” the Phillipsburg High School senior said of seeing her artwork in the book for the first time.”

Read the full article here:



Special Story Time Friends of the Phillipsburg Free Public Library

Special Reading of Children’s Book by Local Author with Illustrator.

Read full article here: http://fpfpl.org/2013/09/07/special-story-time-event


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